An analysis of moltkes strategy of finishing wars as quickly as possible

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An analysis of moltkes strategy of finishing wars as quickly as possible

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He also recognised that in the wake of the weapons revolution of the nineteenth century, the army had become closely tied to the technological and economic power of the country.

As such, Moltke made strategy subservient to these factors and twinned the tactics of the army to its technology and the demands of capitalism.

He claimed that such expense would force any belligerent power to launch an attack within eight days of mobilisation and that mobilisation was irreversibly the route to open warfare as noone could afford casual mobilisation and demobilisation. Moltke saw the old frontal attack patterns against massed infantry as futile and that outflanking was the only means of attacking such a position, such as with the Austrian position at Koeniggratz.

Although Moltke in warned of seven year or thirty year wars, this was never of any consequence for his strategy as he was merely brooding over the French fortifications as opposed to making any real assertion about the future of warfare in Europe.

Moltke was joined by Schlieffen and Tirpitz in viewing war as a temporal pause for the economy that must be kept to a minimum. With neither country having the power to break a deadlock, nor the economy to mount a resurgence, the three great strategists of the turn of the century were advocating what would result in attrition.Want to know how to win ?

It takes a little luck— and something called the Mancini technique. Here's the definitive guide on how to beat This article is a list of military strategies and concepts that are commonly recognized and referenced.

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Moltke and the German Military Tradition: His Theories and Legacies

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An analysis of moltkes strategy of finishing wars as quickly as possible

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Moltke’s strategy was one of finishing wars as quickly as possible. Moltke’s concepts were based in the ideas of Clausewitz, who wrote that “crushing” the opponent was an undesirable aim, noting that the cease of “primitive capitalism” recognised by Kehr made the country economically vulnerable. It still seeks an exit at the earliest possible time that does not result in a direct collapse of the Afghan government and Afghan forces.

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An analysis of moltkes strategy of finishing wars as quickly as possible

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An analysis of global warming