An analysis of the assassination of the russian imperial romanov family

Crowned inNicholas was neither trained nor inclined to rule, which did not help the autocracy he sought to preserve among a people desperate for change. The disastrous outcome of the Russo-Japanese War led to the Russian Revolution ofwhich ended only after Nicholas approved a representative assembly—the Duma—and promised constitutional reforms. The czar soon retracted these concessions and repeatedly dissolved the Duma when it opposed him, contributing to the growing public support for the Bolsheviks and other revolutionary groups.

An analysis of the assassination of the russian imperial romanov family

While several members of the imperial family managed to stay on good terms with the Provisional Government, and were eventually able to leave Russia, Nicholas II and his family were sent into exile in the Siberian town of Tobolsk by Alexander Kerensky in August In the October Revolution of the Bolsheviks ousted the Provisional government.

In April the Romanovs were moved to the Russian town of Yekaterinburgin the Urals, where they were placed in the Ipatiev House. Proven research has, however, confirmed that all of the Romanovs held prisoners inside the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg were killed.

An analysis of the assassination of the russian imperial romanov family

Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovicha male-line grandson of Tsar Alexander IIclaimed the headship of the deposed Imperial House of Russia, and assumed, as pretenderthe title " Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias " in when the evidence appeared conclusive that all Romanovs higher in the line of succession had been killed.

The Romanov Family Association RFA formed ina private organization of most of the male-line descendants of Emperor Paul I of Russia other than Vladimir Kirillovich, Maria Vladimirovna and her son acknowledges the dynastic claims to the throne of no pretender, and is officially committed to support only that form of government chosen by the Russian nation.

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A great-grandson of Kirill's who is not a male-line Romanov, Prince Karl Emich of Leiningenalso claims to be the rightful representative of the Romanov Imperial heritage and has become the founder of Romanov Empire. Execution of Tsar and family[ edit ] Further information: Execution of the Romanov family and Canonization of the Romanovs Yekaterinburg 's " Church on the Blood ", built on the spot where the last Tsar and his family were killed On the night of 17 JulyBolshevik authorities acting on Yakov Sverdlov 's orders in Moscow and led locally by Filip Goloschekin and Yakov Yurovskyshot Nicholas IIhis immediate family and four servants in the Ipatiev House's cellar.

The family was roused from sleep around 1: They dressed quickly but informally. They were then led from the house where they had been staying and taken across a courtyard and down some stairs, then through a number of corridors and small dark rooms, few of which were lit.

They reached a room at the end of one particular corridor that had a single electric light burning dimly. They asked for and were brought two chairs for the youngest children to sit on. The family members were then left alone for several minutes. Suddenly, a group of armed men led by Yurovsky entered the room.

Yurovsky read an announcement from the local Duma explaining that they must all be killed immediately. Nicholas was utterly perplexed, and asked Yurovsky, "What? Thus commenced the messy, botched affair.

Then the dark room filled with toxic smoke and dust from the spray of bullets, and the gunmen shot blindly, often hitting the ceiling and walls, creating yet more dust. Alexandra was soon shot in the head by Ermakov, and killed, and some of the gunmen themselves became injured.

It was not until after the room had been cleared of smoke that the shooters re-entered to find the entire remaining Imperial family still alive and uninjured.

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Maria tried to escape through the doors at the rear of the room, which led to a storage area, but the doors were nailed shut.

The noise as she rattled the doors attracted the attention of the drunken military commissar Peter Ermakov. Some of them were quickly shot in the head, but several of the others, including the young and frail Tsarevich, would not die either from multiple close-range bullet wounds or bayonet stabs.

Finally, each was shot in the head.

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Even so, two of the girls were still alive 10 minutes later, and had to be bludgeoned with the butt of a rifle to finally be killed. Later it was discovered that the bullets and bayonet stabs had been partially blocked by diamonds that had been sewn into the children's clothing.

In the grave site was excavated and the bodies were given a state funeral under the nascent democracy of post-Soviet Russia, and several years later DNA and other forensic evidence was used by Russian and international scientists to make genuine identifications.

The large memorial church " on the blood " has been built on the spot where the Ipatiev House once stood.It was a second Russian Revolution, which left Nicholas Romanov and his family in the hands of his most relentless personal enemies.

1 When a Bolshevik draws his sword in class warfare, he throws. The act of exacting revenge upon the descendants of the one who originally did the wrong.. Why someone would target the descendants rather than the one who originally did the wrong tends to vary, but it's usually due to the original offender not being alive enough to go after and make suffer.

The Russian Imperial Romanov family (Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei) and all those who chose to accompany them into imprisonment—notably Eugene Botkin, Anna Demidova, Alexei Trupp and Ivan Kharitonov—were shot, bayoneted and clubbed to death in Yekaterinburg on the night of 16–17 July However, the terms "Romanov" and "House of Romanov" often occurred in official references to the Russian imperial family.

The coat-of-arms of the Romanov boyars was included in legislation on the imperial dynasty, [6] and in a jubilee, Russia officially celebrated the "th Anniversary of the Romanovs' rule".

For years, the Romanov family ruled Russia. In , Tsar Nicholas II would take the throne and rule the Russian Empire. Tsar Nicholas II, with his wife Alexandra, would have four daughters named Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia. YUROVSKY'S ACCOUNT OF THE EXECUTION OF THE IMPERIAL FAMILY.

February 1, On the 16th in the morning I dispatched the little cook, the boy Sednev, under the pretext that there would be a meeting with his uncle who had come to Sverdlovsk.

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