An analysis of the book cujo by stephen king

Share via Email From cute to killer I like that book. I wish I could remember enjoying the good parts as I put them down on the page. It manifested in his writing, as part of what he was doing; hidden from everybody else, it was in him, and on the page.

An analysis of the book cujo by stephen king

Share This article is about a novel. For the film, see Cujo film. For the character, see Cujo. The book was released by Viking on 8 September Bernardthat belongs to Joe Camber and his family. Although Joe is fond of Cujo, he never bothers to get the dog vaccinated against rabies.

Soon after Charity and Brett leave, Cujo attacks and kills Pervier. Joe goes to the Pervier home to check on Gary because they were planning to go to Boston, only to find him horribly mutilated in his house.

Before Joe is able to call authorities for help, Cujo attacks and kills him as well. The Trentons— DonnaVicand five-year-old Tad —are having problems of their own. Vic has discovered that his wife had been involved in an affair.

Camber, Cujo appears and is ready to pounce. She climbs back in the car and Cujo starts to attack. Donna and Tad become trapped in their vehicle. During one escape attempt, Donna is bitten in the stomach and leg, but manages to survive and escape back into the car.

Vic returns to Castle Rock after several failed attempts to contact her. He also learns from the police that Steve Kempthe man with whom Donna was having an affair, is suspected of ransacking his home and possibly kidnapping Donna and Tad. When George gets there, Cujo attacks and kills him.

In desperation, Donna realizes that Tad is dying and she must act. She is remanded to medical care for rabies treatments.

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The book ends with both The Trentons and The Cambers trying to go on with their lives; including Charity giving Brett a new, vaccinated puppy they name Willie. Vic and Donna are gradually drawn back to each other, rekindling their relationship.

A postscript reminds the reader that Cujo was a good dog who always tried to do the right thing by his owners, but the ravage of rabies drove him to violence. His parents, Vic and Donnaare worried but pass it off as a childhood fear.

Outside of town, Joe Camber owns a small auto repair business out of his barn. Vic works for a small advertising company called Ad Worx. A single batch of cereal was contaminated with a dye that caused several children to become sick.

The red dye made it appear as though they were throwing up blood and not the cereal.

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A major scare hit the country until Sharp explained the problem. Afterwards every late night comedian began making fun of the Sharp Cereal Professor and it became a major embarrassment for the Sharp Company. Vic and Roger plan to head out of town on a business trip in order to save the Sharp account.

It is the hottest summer on record. One day Cujo is lying around the Camber farm trying to remain cool. He sees a rabbit and decides to give chase. The rabbit runs into a small hole and falls into a much larger cave.Summary & Study Guide Cujo by Stephen King Kindle Edition by BookRags (Author) Be the first to review this item.

See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Kindle, January 8, "Please retry" $ Author: BookRags. Stephen King knew he was an addict in , In fact, though, Cujo spends most of the book involved with Donna and Tad Trenton.

Recently moved to Castle Rock, the Trentons are nice, responsible. Cujo is the twelfth book published by Stephen King; it is his tenth novel, and the seventh novel under his own name.

An analysis of the book cujo by stephen king

The book was released by Viking on 8 September For the film, see Cujo (film). The page for the Novel Cujo. This Novel. Synopsis; From the Flap; Inspiration; Characters; Images; Related Works.

Bernie Carbo Steve Kemp's cat. Cujo A large St. Bernard who contracted rabies from a bat and attacked the car where Donna and Tad were trapped. He was a gentle dog until he got rabies.

Dinah Trenton family cat. Mr. Clean Dead cat of Joe Cambers. He was in the cave with the bats that gave Cujo Rabies.

Stephen King discusses Cujo in On Writing, referring to it as a novel he "barely remembers writing at all". The book was written during a period when King was on a cocaine binge.

King goes on to say that he likes the book and that he wishes he could remember enjoying the good parts as he put them down on the Stephen King.

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