An analysis of the topic of the same sex marriages being legal or not

So what do the data say about how legalizing gay marriages affects conventional marriages? A study by University of Sherbrooke economist Mircea Trandafir investigated the effect of the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Netherlands, the first country to recognize same-sex marriage. Inthe Dutch created registered partnerships, which are open to all couples, and in a law allowing full same-sex marriages. His analysis found that same-sex marriage leads to a decline in the different-sex marriage rate, but not in the different-sex union marriage plus registered partnership rate.

An analysis of the topic of the same sex marriages being legal or not

Australia Same-sex marriage will be legal in Australia, with Parliament agreeing to change the Marriage Act and end the ban on gay and lesbian couples marrying.

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Four members of the House of Representatives voted against the bill and some abstained, but an overwhelming majority voted for the bill. Liberal senator Dean Smith's bill will now become law after a day of cheers, tears and applause in the Lower House.

People queued for access to the public gallery to witness the law being changed and by the time of the final vote, they were packed into every spot.

An analysis of the topic of the same sex marriages being legal or not

The moment Parliament said yes to same-sex marriage ABC News Same-sex marriage supporters wearing colourful "Yes" T-shirts clapped and cheered as amendments were voted down, prompting repeated warnings they should stop their barracking. The public gallery led a chorus of We Are Australian after the final vote, with members of the parliament joining in from the floor of the House in tears.

Political leaders comment on passing of same-sex marriage bill ABC News There had been little doubt that this bill would pass with sweeping support from Nationals, Liberals, Greens, the crossbench and Labor.

Opponents of same-sex marriage including Liberals Andrew Hastie, Kevin Andrews and Tony Abbott pushed for changes, but none of their amendments succeeded. The legislation passed the Lower House three weeks after Senator Smith stood in the Senate and declared "it was not just a vote about a law but a vote about who we are as a people".

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There was no count of the votes for, because names are not taken when there are less than five people opposed to a bill.

But Thursday's result was overwhelmingly for change.

An analysis of the topic of the same sex marriages being legal or not

Senators supporting the bill huddled together on the side of the Lower House chamber to join the celebrations. Veteran same-sex marriage campaigner Warren Entsch was besieged by his colleagues.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said after the vote that he was "so proud that this has occurred while I am Prime Minister while the Liberal and National parties are in Government".

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Magda Szubanski celebrates legalising same-sex marriage with her fellow Yes campaigners. Marco Catalano How did we get here? It has been 13 years since the Howard government changed the Marriage Act to ensure same-sex marriage could not be legal.

From that point, the Greens and Australian Democrats made repeated but unsuccessful attempts to overturn that decision, and Mr Entsch came to prominence with his passionate advocacy to allow gay marriage. Greens MP Adam Bandt was one of many with a few tears in his eyes after the vote.

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Matt Roberts Five years ago, parliament had three bills before it to try to allow same-sex marriage: The pivotal and ultimately successful manoeuvre came quietly and carefully more than a year ago. It was a masterclass in political technique.

The Coalition's policy for a plebiscite was blocked in the Senate, but Attorney-General George Brandis started to ease the political gridlock by producing a draft bill anyway. The Parliament were all on their feet. Matt Roberts That was on the basis that if a plebiscite was actually held and voters supported same-sex marriage, then a bill would be needed.


More political guile was evident in the way a Senate committee was chosen to examine that bill, with members including Senator Smith and fellow gay senator Louise Pratt, from Labor, as well as opponents of same-sex marriage like Nationals senator John Williams.

In a unanimous report, the committee laid the groundwork for the process that ended on Thursday, by finding a way through the passionately held views on both sides of the debate.

It set out that ministers of religion should be exempt from conducting same-sex marriages, finding there was consensus that religious freedom should be protected. And crucially it said marriage could be simply defined as between two people. Thursday's vote implements that, and the House of Representatives has overturned the change made by the Howard government in to limit marriage to being between a man and a woman.Jun 26,  · In fact, within hours after the Court issued its rulings, lawyers for same-sex couples and state officials began filing new pleas in lower courts to let same-sex marriage licensing to begin, and officials in a variety of .

Nov 15,  · Six months after same-sex marriage became legal in Australia, none of the disasters the "no" side warned about have come to fruition, but there is . thereby prohibiting same-sex marriages. Voters in seven states approved their amendments while those in one state, registries granting some legal rights and benefits to unmarried couples and politicians and the language is “Church and State” not “Religion and State”, Church being understood as the enactment of a specific religion.

The highest %age of sample which agreed with the same sex marriage concept was the age group of with almost 59% agreeing with that while the older generation () was the age group that disagreed with that with almost 51% stating that they disagree with the concept of same sex .

The idea of same sex marriage is a heavily debated topic in the United States.

Ethical analysis of current proposals to give legal recognition to same-sex marriage thus needs to begin with an acknowledgment of the real world status of the social situation in which we find. The moral status of homosexuality and the legal advancement of same-sex marriage remain among the preeminent moral and theological issues confronting the church. The fate of any estate plans drawn up in the wake of same-sex marriages is a live debate among the country's leading inheritance lawyers.

While many individuals and organizations argue against granting gay couples the same rights to marry in a court of law, many of. Same-sex couples and same-sex co-residence For the United States, Black et al.

() have made a critical review and comparison of three sources available for systematic studies of the gay and lesbian populations: The General.

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