Be more chill by ned vizzini essay

I have every intention of using this as my model when someone asks me for a brief description of myself.

Be more chill by ned vizzini essay

Plot overview and analysis written by an experienced literary critic.

April 27, 2007

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Jeremy Heere is an average high school nobody. He pines for the pretty girl, Christine, but is forced to make his way through the days at school as a bullied dork. He creates Humiliation Sheets to catalog the miserableness of his existence at the bottom of the high school food chain.

One day, Jeremy learns about the Squip, a quantum supercomputer in the form of a pill. The Squip directs Jeremy on how to act, encourages him to work out, and guides him through social situations that raise his popularity and status. Jeremy uses his newfound coolness to begin and end a series of shallow relationships with the girls in his school.

The Squip teaches Jeremy how girls think, and how to manipulate them. The Squip also berates Jeremy when he hesitates to engage in sexual activity with a girl. As the Squip becomes more and more malevolent in its coaching, Jeremy begins to doubt its advice. Be More Chill has been heavily criticized for its depiction of high school social and sexual relationships.

The novel also has been seen as homophobic, based upon the gay-slurs used by the characters. Copyright Super Summary.Whatâ s your damage? In , Michael Lehmannâ s black comedy Heathers drew a line in the sand, rebuffing the sweetness and optimism of John Hughesâ more popular fare with darkness and death.

Be more chill by ned vizzini essay

Launching the careers of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, Heathers became a cult classic, ranking #5 on Entertainment Weeklyâ s list of the 50 Best High School Movies and inspiring hoards of teen. In Be More Chill as in all his books, Vizzini's cleverly understated writing style allows his hero to make the requisite right choices and learn the necessary life lessons - all before the reader really catches on.

The shift from a tantalizing read to a pro-social model is subtle yet sudden. Ned is actually a good friend of mine - we briefly dated when I was a sophomore in college and we've remained friends (the book is dedicated in-part to me, in fact) - but I swear to God, I'd love Be More Chill even if I'd pulled it off a shelf/5.

Be more chill by Ned Vizzini is quite an interesting book. Although the novel is fiction, the author makes it seem like it is non-fiction. Some strengths of . Be More Chill Essay - In the interesting novel Be More Chill, we go into the life of a typical nerd who like any other wishes to be cool and known among the popular kids.

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