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Massachusetts Russell Beck is a business and intellectual property litigator, nationally recognized for his trade secrets and noncompete experience. Russell has over twenty eight years of experience as a complex business and intellectual property litigator, representing corporate and individual clients throughout the country in federal and state trial and appellate courts, arbitrations, and mediations.

Beck manufacturing

Curing disease with a 9-volt battery? As far as I know, their findings only appeared in three small articles. Here are the excerpts: Their experiments, described March 14 in Washington, D.

The finding could lead to tests of implantable electrical devices or dialysis-like blood treatments in HIV-infected patients, Lyman says. In addition, he suggests that Beck manufacturing banks might use electricity to zap HIV, and vaccine developers might use electrically incapacitated viruses as the basis for an AIDS vaccine…the new study also hints at a lifesaving side effect: We found the the virus became much more ineffective.

A, March 20, The following year Kaali affirms again in another article that their discovery was valid. Repeated exposure appears to leave blood virtually free of HIV, as well as hepatitis — without harming blood cells.

So what happened after this astounding achievement, arguably the most remarkable discovery in medicine in the last years? It would render many vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and profit-generating treatments obsolete.

The naive have a hard time believing that any effective medical treatment would be ignored. But you have to follow the money. According to the US Dept. Perhaps the inventors sold the patent and the patent was shelved.

He invented a novel lawn mower bagging device that was purchased by TORO who promised to market it. Instead they shelved it.

That was almost the end of the story… Enter one retired year-old physicist, the inventor of Xenon strobe flash technology: Intrigued, he wrote to the college requesting a copy of the research paper which was included in the Conference of Combination Therapies publication.

He was told that it did not exist and discovered that it had been removed from the copy of the journal they sent him. Beck was not deterred. He hired a private investigator to track down some of the attendees of the conference with the hopes of finding a copy of the original research paper.

Beck manufacturing

And he found it. After examining the research, which involved blood electrification via surgical implants and dialysis-type blood treatments, Beck designed a small device powered by three 9-volt batteries that could electrify the blood from outside the body.

He funded his own research to verify the accuracy of the claims of Kaali and Lyman, and to test the effectiveness of his device. One example was a patient who hadparticles of HIV in his blood on Sept 5, On November 3,his PCR was less than He was cured and symptom free.

When viewed under a dark-field microscope, the blood of a normal, healthy human being usually has a lot of parasitic worms, viruses, fungi, germs, and pathogens swimming around. Proper application of micro-amperes a tiny amount of current apparently alters the outer protein layer of any parasite, so that they can no longer attach to human cells and reproduce.

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Eventually, they die and the body flushes them out through the kidneys, liver, lymph, etc. This minuscule amount of current does not harm the blood or normal cells in any way.

The best location to electrify your blood is at your wrists, by placing two electrodes over your Radial and Ulner Arteries.Plano Signs Mfg custom sign company manufacturers lighted signs, unlighted signs, and LED signs.

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Christine Abate is listed as a Secretary with Ja Manufacturing, Inc. in Arizona. The address on file for this person is E Beck Ln, Scottsdale, AZ in Maricopa County.

The company is a Arizona Profit, which was filed on May 19, Beck Manufacturing is a Division of Anvil International ©, Beck Manufacturing. Camelback Tower Site Modifications - Scottsdale, AZ Confidential Data Center City At Surprise - Surprise, AZ Centerra Crossings - Goodyear, AZ Culver's Restaurant - Multiple Locations, AZ First Solar Manufacturing Plant - Mesa, AZ Fisher Sand & Gravel Site Improvements - Phoenix, AZ Goodwill Distribution Building - Multiple Locations, AZ.

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