Comparative literature phd thesis

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Comparative literature phd thesis

Eccleston, Rachel University of Oregon, This project analyzes the intersections between representations of female sovereignty used to promote and rethink feminine virtue in both early modern English and Spanish advice literature and literary texts published in Bhattacharya, Sunayani University of Oregon, My dissertation traces the formation and growth of the reader of the Bengali novel in nineteenth century Bengal through a close study of the writings by Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay that comment on—and respond to—both the Kovalchuk, Anna University of Oregon, This dissertation investigates nineteenth-century narrative representations of the Cossacks—multi-ethnic warrior communities from the historical borderlands of empire, known for military strength, pillage, and revelry—as Tougas, Ramona University of Oregon, Title: Internationalism and Theatre of Fact between the U.

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Cornwall, Amanda University of Oregon, This dissertation begins from the problem that is built into realism as a literary genre: Just as the comics form is broadly defined by a peculiar tension between Leggette, Amy University of Oregon, This dissertation examines how literary form adapts to emergent print environments by identifying common strategies for incorporating the act of reading into the situation of the text.

In my analysis of original textual Odintz, Jenny University of Oregon, In this project I explore the creation of female community in the novels of four contemporary feminist writers: I contend that in their diverse representations Lisiecki, Chet University of Oregon, As fascist movements took hold across Europe in the s and s, there emerged a body of lyric poetry concerned with revolution, authority, heroism, sacrifice, community, heritage, and national identity.

Dissertation topics can be chosen from a broad range of areas including: 1) the comparative study of authors or themes in different languages; 2) issues in the fields of theory of literature and history of criticism; 3) the study of literary authors or themes whose significance transcends national or linguistic boundaries; 4) the study of such phenomena as transmission, reception, and influence. Comparative Literature Paper instructions: Whether in the name of justice or revenge, many of the characters we’ve encountered throughout our readings and the films have blurred the limits between good and evil. Despite the fact that we might find some metaphysical comfort in defining our world in black and white, the characters have presented us . Sophia A. McClennen’s Guide to Dissertations (and Theses) in Comparative Literature. Or, How to Tell the Difference between an Idea and an Argument.

Richards, Jamie University of Oregon, My dissertation research focuses on Italian literature of the s, specifically translations from the American counterculture and poetry of the neo-avantgarde.

Through a detailed study of three specific translational McGinn, Emily University of Oregon, This project is a comparative study of Irish and Latin American modernisms and the literary responses to the advent of recorded sound.

Toepfer, Yvonne University of Oregon, This comparative project investigates different representations of the sandman between the 19th century and the 20th century. My discussion focuses on Romantic texts, in particular E. Hoffmann's literary tale "Der Zikpi, Monica University of Oregon, This dissertation is a history of interpretation and interlinear commentary translation of the "Li Sao," an allegorical poem attributed to the late Warring States BCE poet Qu Yuan.

Comparative literature phd thesis

I argue that the significance Chang, Jeong University of Oregon, This project focuses on films that reveal concerns about care and subjectivity in a world transformed by neoliberalism, flexible capital, and globalization.

As these films show, care is still necessary, but under the logic Da Silva, Meyre University of Oregon, Colonial narratives and nationalist rhetoric in Africa have always associated female sexuality with male desire and consumption, aberrance, or perversion.

While historical narratives suggested that native women's bodies Rayneard, Max James Anthony University of Oregon, In this dissertation "literariness" is defined not merely as a quality of form by which texts are evaluated as literary, but as an immanent and critical sensibility by which reading, writing, speaking, learning, and teaching McCann, Michael Charles, University of Oregon, The twentieth-century project of American rhetorician Kenneth Burke, grounded in a magic-based theory of language, reveals a path to the origins of what I am going to call occult invention.

The occult, which I define as a While the theoretical concept of "the Other" is in Meyers, Emily Taylor, University of Oregon, Writers in the Caribbean, like writers throughout the postcolonial world, return to colonial texts to rewrite the myths that justified and maintained colonial control.

Exemplary of a widespread, regional phenomenon thatErika Rodriguez is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Washington University in St. Louis. Her dissertation is entitled "Crip Times in An Eccentric Modernity: Deviant Temporalities in Fin de Siglo Literature.".

My dissertation is a comparative analysis of the juncture at which Chinese poetry became “modern.” The catalyst for this development was the early twentieth-century translation into Chinese of the European Romantics, which.

Useful Links As always the best course of action is to consult with your advisor on all matters relating to the formation of your research questions. They work across languages, regions, cultural forms and historical periods.
My Account My dissertation, Perceiving Extraction: Landscape, Use and the Conditions of Visuality, tracks a history of extraction in landscapes affected by an absence of life, value, habitat, or political possibility to show that the experience of climate change helps produce a theory of perception.
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Professor Sarah Dowling will be joining the Centre for Comparative Literature and Victoria College as Assistant Professor in January, Read More → Daniel Perry’s second book of short stories, Nobody Looks That Young Here, will be published on April 1 by Guernica Editions.

In our graduate seminars students analyze in comparative perspective the literatures and other cultural products of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Coursework is designed to meet individual interests.

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Looking for a PhD thesis in comparative literature? You've come to the right place! Please note that European dissertations differ from their American counterparts on .

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