Conservation forests essay

Antitoxics groups[ edit ] Antitoxics groups are a subgroup that is affiliated with the Environmental Movement in the United States, that is primarily concerned with the effects that cities and their by products have on humans. This aspect of the movement is a self-proclaimed "movement of housewives". As a result of this dumping the residents had symptoms of skin irritation, Lois Gibbsa resident of the development, started a grassroots campaign for reparations. Eventual success led to the government having to purchase homes that were sold in the development.

Conservation forests essay

Conservation of Forests Floods, population problems and other environmental hazards have been increasing.

The environmental hazards in this country have not reached the stage prevailing in several highly industrialized countries. We are, however heading to it.

Lack of adequate vegetal cover in the catchments or watersheds of our rivers and streams, exploitation of our hill forests indiscriminately to meet the ever-increasing needs of population, the indiscriminate lopping, grazing and fires have resulted in a great loss to the country in the form of soil erosion, floods, and damage to the regeneration.

Since independence the country has lost over four lakh hectares of forests — a precious and renewable source of energy — due to indiscriminate release of land for agriculture when one knows that what is needed is a more intensive cultivation and not extensive onesubmersion due to irrigation and power projects, clearance for high tension lines, for rehabilitation of expropriated and other categories of people, development of colonies, command areas, etc.

Only recently the National Committee on Environmental Planning and Co-ordination was constituted to have a look into the several projects from an ecological angle sent by States to the Planning Commission for clearance.

It is needless to indicate here the manifold advantages of vegetation in ameliorating the climatic conditions, maintenance of stream flow, conserving the soil and general Conservation forests essay of the eco-system including flora and fauna.

Forest soils well stocked with deep-rooted trees have a storage capacity varying from 50, to 2,00, cusecs of water per square kilometer. The structure of a forest has a bearing on its influence on noise effect.

The denser the under storey and the ground vegetation and the more pronounced the vertical closure of the forest stand, the higher is its sound-absorbing capacity. A park 50 m wide can reduce the traffic noise by 20 to 30 decibels.

Forests thus provide indirect protection against noise. A hectare of a forest of broad-leafed trees would collect at least 30 to 50 tons of dust, besides the usefulness of forests from the recreational aspect and in conserving wild life. The people living in the villages need for their daily sustenance fuel for their cooking and other needs, fodder for their cattle, fertilizer for their fields, and small timber for their rural houses and agricultural implements, bamboos for a variety of uses.

The plight in urban areas of middle and low-income groups is worse. In other words the trees become the basis of all sustenance and preservation of environment. Ecological considerations have not been of high priority in many developing countries. Fortunately awareness of ecological consequences has been growing rapidly, and environmental considerations would increasingly affect the forest development policies and strategy all over the world.

This is a serious threat to the ecological balance of these areas resulting in the rapid destruction of flora and fauna in the hill regions and accentuating soil erosion and floods. It is both a way of life and an aspect of culture of these people. The only way in which shifting cultivation could be controlled is by agro-forestry practices.

Taungya cultivation, Agrisilvi culture is practiced in India to grow forest crops in conjunction with agricultural crops where there is great pressure on land in North U. A notable example of agro-forestry practice is the Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines which has initiated the shifting cultivators to grow Albizzia falcatoria for pulp aided by the World Bank through the Development Bank of the Philippines.

A similar measure, modified to our local conditions, would help in the ecological balance in the hills. Government of India through the I. To do this, dedicated experienced people are needed to handle these cases and to make the cultivators accept the concept of a settled way of life.

Conservation forests essay

Since independence we have lost million hectares of forest land. The installation of more thermal plants and planning of nuclear power plants as well as utilization of solar energy should be encouraged and natural forests saved.

Forests form the backbone for many wood and pulp industries which consume power and if forests are lost the power cannot be commissioned. Nearly, million tons of fuel wood is consumed per year out of which only 20 million tones come from recorded sources.

This indicates the alarming rate at which the tree growth is depleted on the countryside. Nearly four million tons of fuel is reported to be needed for cremation in the country.

Nearly 80 million tones of valuable crowding is burnt as fuel for want of alternative fuel. Biogases and other agricultural residues valuable as raw material for pulp industries are burnt.

In order to rationalize the usage of these materials energy plantations are badly needed. Such energy plantation as Casuarinas and Eucalyptus could be seen raised by people around Bangalore and Keral in Karnataka.

The extensive plantations raised by Government have been earmarked to industries and the common man continues to feel the pinch of shortage of fuel wood. Large area in India are subjected to mining. Inmines were working in India of which were non-coal mineral mines and were coal mines, all employing nearly 7,45, persons.

The pollution and health hazards consequent on the open mining methods, as well as the slime disposal of underground mines pose a big problem. Ecological measures are badly needed to prevent soil wash, prevention of noise and dust and other forms of pollution.Forest Conservation Essay Sample.

Intro Forest Conservation is the practice of planting and maintaining forested areas for the benefit and sustainability of future generations. Around the year in the United States, forest conservation became popular with the uses of natural resources.

It is the upkeep of the natural resources within a. Scope of the movement. The early Conservation movement, which began in the late 19th century, included fisheries and wildlife management, water, soil conservation and sustainable it includes sustainable yield of natural resources, preservation of wilderness areas and biodiversity.; The modern Environmental movement, which .

The Leuser Ecosystem is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northern Sumatra and one of the largest single continuous blocks of tropical . Forests, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal.

INTRODUCTION The June United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), underlined the necessity for all countries to develop harmonised approaches in the management, conservation and sustainable development of global forests is essential to meet the socio-economic and environmental needs of the present and future generations.

Evergreen forests are found where the rainfall is heavy. There are such forests in the Western Ghats and the Sub-Himalayan regions.

The category of the forests yield hard wood such as teak rose wood and bamboos. The monsoon forests are found in large areas of Deccan plateau. They provide teak, sal wood (Shorea robusta), sandalwood, etc. The hill forests found at places above feet above include the .

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