Difference between dtp and word processing essay

There are basically for basic functions of computers - input, storage, processing and output. These are described below: Receiving or accepting information from outside sources.

Difference between dtp and word processing essay

Word Processing Getting Started with Microsoft Word If you have not used any word processor at all, see How word processing works in general. This page just describes Microsoft Word. What to do first Somewhere, there will be a shortcut to Microsoft Word. It will probably be under the Start menu, then Programs, and possibly Microsoft Office.

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When you have found the shortcut, click on it, and Word will run. Depending whether your computer is networked or possibly some other reasonit will come up with a little window asking you what your name is. If it does, just click on OK. It doesn't really matter.

You should get a mainly white screen, looking something like this: You can probably guess what a lot of the things mean. The B, I and U buttons make the text bold, italic and underlined, as described in How word processing works in general.

Language differences: English - Chinese

This is a more advanced topic which you probably do not need to know about. What the things do Along the top of the window are various menus and buttons, as shown in the picture above.

Here is a brief description of what each of them do: File Under this menu, you will find various commands to do with files. You can create a new blank one, open one that you've saved earlier, save the current one under a new name if you wishprint it or close the program.

These works the same way as most other programs, so a general description is included in my Beginner's Guide. Edit These commands are all to do with changing editing the document.

Cut, Copy and Paste are described in the general guide to Word Processing. You can also undo changes you have made, and find text in a long document. Insert This allows you to insert various things into a document not including text.

The most useful one is pictures. A few of these are described in advanced Word topics. Format This changes the appearance of text or paragraphs.

They are listed in order of use, so most of the time you will use "Font", you will use "Paragraph" a bit, and probably won't use "Object" at all.

You might use "Background".

Difference between dtp and word processing essay

The items are fairly self-explanatory. You will probably not want to use the others, although have a look at Options and see if you want to change anything. Table This menu is devoted to creating and manipulating tables. Create one, and then try playing with it.

Window This menu is only useful if you have more than one Word window open. Create several new documents, and you can use the list at the bottom of this menu to switch between one and another.What's the difference between the postprofessional DPT and an advanced clinical doctorate?

Among and between postprofessional DPT programs, there is a core set of courses about which there is some agreement. MS Office Suite or equivalent (word processing program, presentation/graphic program, and e-mail program).

Of the four types of software for desktop publishing – word processing, page layout, graphics and web publishing – each is a specialized tool used in publishing, but the lines are blurred.

Word-processing makes fixing things later on easy, even fun, so don't hesitate to do some serious scribbling, re-ordering of paragraphs, etc.

If, when you go back to the computer, you're unfamiliar with the techniques of highlighting and moving blocks of text, consult the software manual or ask a computer lab assistant to help you out.

Difference between dtp and word processing essay

While there are many differences between the various word processing applications, they all accomplish pretty much the same thing. Which one you use is partly a matter of personal preference. Microsoft Publisher is powerful desktop publishing software. This app allows to work with more advanced page layouts than a word processing app.

DTP software is perfect for making flyers, brochures, booklets, magazines.

In other words, it is made for combining text and graphics gracefully in one page. For this purpose, it's better to use a word processor or a simple text editor (with or without markup). After the text is finished it can be loaded into the DTP application. From this point, only minor changes to the text are done in the DTP application — you don't want to edit long texts this way.

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