Freelance copywriting advice

If you braved the traffic, wind, and Trimet last Thursday, you met one of them. Many monetize that advice through coaching, online classes, e-books, and so forth.

Freelance copywriting advice

Scottish writer and creative writing tutor Jules Horne makes a powerful case for setting up your own copywriting business, not only to add a valuable extra freelance copywriting advice stream but also to broaden your life experience and provide more fuel for your books.

freelance copywriting advice

But while many courses talk about transferable writing skills and employability in areas such as copywriting and marketing, they rarely explain the practicalities. Writing can be lonely, and one fabulous benefit of copywriting is meeting the wonderful entrepreneurs — builders, chocolatiers, and even cow wranglers — in my rural part of Scotland.

Storytelling Storytelling is big news in business. Companies know they need to tell a good story to connect with customers. As a creative writer, you can spot a story spark that excites you and will resonate with others, and turn it into a compelling narrative, with a hook, challenge, and resolution.

This is exactly the structure used by business storytellers. Characterisation Businesses need to know their customers inside out. Customer avatars are pretty well characters by another name. They have names, ages, traits, preferences, and geographical and social backgrounds.

Your understanding of characters and their psychology can help businesses to clarify who their customers are, and how to engage with them. These people are rarely trained and experienced writers. They may not even realise that their copywriting is letting down their business with spelling mistakes, clunky expression, jargon, and unattractive layout.

Your sharp editorial eye and sense of style can brighten up their copy and get their message across clearly and effectively. Description One challenge for online businesses is how to reach out beyond the screen.

Lemon chocolate truffles with aromatic Italian coffee, anyone? Voice and Viewpoint Businesses are often steeped in their day-to-day operation and may struggle to make the imaginative leap needed to connect with customers. Clear Thinking Many business people shy away from the written word, and struggle to articulate their business ideas clearly.

freelance copywriting advice

Your creative writing skills are valuable and transferable to business. Writing for business also gives you privileged insight into fascinating hidden worlds on your doorstep. For a free copywriting blueprint, see my newsletter at www.In your freelance copywriting business, you are both the product being marketed and the marketer of the product.

You may have skills in blogging, SEO and relationship marketing – that’s what you’re selling – but you need to have skills in marketing in general. Freelance Copywriting Basics Not sure what all goes into becoming a freelance writer?

Check out How Do I Start a Freelance Career, a simple breakdown of the basic things you need to know when getting started in freelance writing and copyediting. For more copywriting advice, listen to Good Copy, Bad Copy. Good luck! Header image “luwak coffee” by inna dee used under a Creative Commons Attribution Generic license.

If you’re a freelance copywriter, then you know good info is hard to come by. There’s just so much trash out there. That’s why this resource exists, to equip you with the skills and knowledge required for freelancing and copywriting mastery.

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