Half past two, and dear mr lee by u.a.fanthorpe essay

Fanthorpe uses words strung together with no spaces as seen in the quotation above to communicate the sense of child-like behaviour. Come and find me! The child is happy thinking that he has found a good hiding place and stays there for a long time after a while he comes out to find that his friends have gone and left him towards the end of the poem there is a feeling of loneliness and I think that the child is scared because the sky is getting darker and everything is quiet, the opposite of what it was when the game was being played. The child does not know how to tell the time all the important times that he new are joined up as one large word:

Half past two, and dear mr lee by u.a.fanthorpe essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Poems by U. A Fanthorpe Essay Sample U. A Fanthorpe is a contemporary poet and I have read 3 poems in an anthology called Track 2.

She seems to have a low impression with the education systems in schools. So the child ends up getting a detention. The child shows that he fears the teacher when he refers to her using capital letters.

The detention does not have the desired effect on the child, because One, He did not know, what he had done wrong. Two, Because he did not know what time was, so the detention is meaningless. Three, He had a daydream in the detention, so the detention had no effect on him.

In the sixth stanza Fanthorpe uses personification. Personification means that you give objects human qualities. The word click deliberately has two meanings, the first meaning is when something clicks in your head to understand and the second meaning is what a clock sounds like, tick tock.

In the seventh stanza, the child thinks adults are trapped, they have to do things at a certain time routine. In the ninth stanza, the teacher returns and her words are in Italics. In the last stanza, it says he was in the land of ever, it means when he learnt how to read time, he would finish daydreaming.

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But that child never forgot, that moment, that daydream when he was free of time. The second poem Reports, is not about children in school, but about teachers and it makes you feel sorry for them.

It seems like they are victims of a hostile system. Even when they write reports, it can be used against them. The teachers always used the same phrases, for everyone like fair and quite good.

Half past two, and dear mr lee by u.a.fanthorpe essay

And sometimes they have nothing to say, so they say must try harder. Some teachers only come to school, to teach because they feel they have power and authority. But some teachers hate coming to school and just for the money and wish they were not alive.

So that shows there was a problem with the exam system. Even when the boy was sick, he used to take the book to bed, with snacks.Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Learn more. The two poems “Half Past Two,” and “Dear Mr Lee,” are both written by attheheels.comrpe.

They are both about school-life, one from a young child’s point of view and the other from an older child’s point of view. He next examines Sophia Lee's novel "The Recess", along with prints and sketches of ruins, to place the monastic ruin at the focus of desire to repress discontinuity in the past, which in turn permitted individuals to conceive of constructing identity based on genealogy.

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I m aware, from often in the past requiring students (men and women training to be teachers) to recall their own childhood and re-enter the experience, that it is possible to believe things one s parents said to be incidents that are actually experience; for example, mother saying, When you were two years old you were very fond of the friendly.

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