Hydrothermal liquification

Standards[ edit ] There are few standards for pyrolysis oil because of limited efforts to produce it. One of the few standards is from ASTM. In second-generation biofuel applications—forest and agricultural residues, wood waste and energy crops can be used as feedstock. If air is absent the final product, since there is no oxygen present to react with the wood, is charcoal.

Hydrothermal liquification

Syngas Value Maximization Powering a Clean Planet Our Algae to biocrude and biochemicals effort aims at establishing a green platform that harnesses natural resources, such as freely available sunlight, sea water, carbon dioxide and low cost nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus to produce abundant quantities of biomass that can be converted to biocrude and biochemicals.

Research efforts on algae are focused on physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genomics, and development of process technologies for algae cultivation, harvesting, and water management as well as processing technologies for converting biomass to bio-crude and bio-chemicals.

Reliance has achieved significant technical breakthroughs in improving photosynthesis efficiency, developed best-in-the-world genetic engineering capabilities and proprietary catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction HTL technology for conversion of wet biomass to biofuel as well recovering water and nutrients.

Making Carbon Dioxide an Asset Reliance considers carbon dioxide an asset, Hydrothermal liquification a liability. This is an adsorption-based process that follows carbonate-bicarbonate chemistry.

Currently, RIL is engaged with conversion of CO2 into environmentally benign organic carbonate by non-reductive route and conversion of CO2 along with other co-reactants like H2S, H2 into chemical products that are industrially useful at significant scale by reductive route. The in-house energy integrated capture process has the following excellent attributes: These catalysts are more benign, reusable, recyclable and can be made at scale.

Reliance is developing a breakthrough safer and environmentally friendly process for manufacturing linear alkylbenzenes using these ionic liquid catalysts. This platform technology has the potential to lead Reliance to many other breakthrough processes. Enhancing Feedstock Quality Oxygenates and carbon disulfide are highly undesired contaminants in naphtha feedstock to downstream petrochemicals.

Reliance has developed a novel process for processing naphtha in a fixed bed reactor over acidic resin catalyst which converts ether into its respective olefins and methanol. This methanol can then easily be removed by washing with water, thereby reducing the oxygenate concentration in the naphtha to meet any required high specifications.

The process technology has been successfully demonstrated and is now on the verge of commercialization. Maximising Value from Crude Refining Multizone Catalytic Cracking MCC is an innovative process through which low value refinery streams are cracked in a single riser with a proprietary catalyst to selectively maximize propylene and ethylene yields.

Commercialization of this technology is in progress and likely to significantly enhance propylene as well as ethylene production. This process has already received Australian and Singaporean patents; while patents in India, the US and Europe are at various stages of evaluation.

This technology has immense potential to create value, and is being considered for worldwide licensing. This technology has been granted patents in India and the US.

Hydrothermal liquification

Considering many new FCC units being planned in different regions especially in India, China and the Middle East, deployment of this technology will help enhance the recovery of high value propylene and LPG from low value fuel gas.

EPR technology is being considered for worldwide licensing. This allows to upgrade low value olefinic naphtha e. This technology has also been granted patents in India and the US. Reliance Maximum Propylene RMP-5 ZSM-5 additive is a novel product which incorporates innovations for improved activity and stability of additives for fluid catalytic cracking applications.

The RMP-5 technology maximizes propylene yield compared to the best commercial alternative. This patented indigenous technology can handle gasoline containing olefins without any issues related to solvent performance.

High Performance Game-changing Materials Fruits and vegetables are perishables that often decompose during storage or transportation. This is due to the release of ethylene which accelerates ripening and decomposition.

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This fabric has the potential to disrupt packaging of fruits and vegetables in farms, during transport, and at retail outlets. Reliance Disentangled Polyethylene DPE is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene synthesized with significantly high crystallinity compared to conventional polyethylene.

The high polymer crystallinity is made possible by a new, proprietary single site catalyst that produces polymer chains in a highly regular fashion.

DPE exhibits superior processing characteristics such as increased flow, lower power consumption and higher stretchability compared to conventional polyethylene.

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The product also exhibits improved mechanical strength.In materials science, liquefaction is a process that generates a liquid from a solid or a gas or that generates a non-liquid phase which behaves in accordance with fluid dynamics.

It occurs both naturally and artificially. As an example of the latter, a "major commercial application of liquefaction is the liquefaction of air to allow separation.

The answer is: Hydrothermal liquefaction. Similar to coal liquefaction it allows to turn raw-wood into crude-oil. Small amounts of crude-oil but still.

Hydrothermal liquification

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G. Ernst Hydrothermal alteration in research drill hole Y-2, Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. hydrothermal gasification over liquefaction is the lower amount of organic carbon found in the water phase following gasification leading to . PNNL Hydrothermal Liquefaction and Upgrading of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge: A Preliminary Techno-Economic Analysis LJ Snowden-Swan.

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