Informed citizenry essay help

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Informed citizenry essay help

November 22, Sushil Kumar Verma November 22, How much do students and teachers know about the features of the supreme law of India?

While interacting with a group of school teachers recently, I tried to assess their knowledge of the Constitution of India by asking them a few questions.

informed citizenry essay help

Who is its architect? When did it come into effect? How many Articles and Schedules are there in the Constitution? What is stated in the Preamble to the Constitution of India?

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Do you know your Constitutional rights? If this sample were a representative of the whole teaching community in India, it could be considered an unhealthy trend. A month ago, while laying the foundation stone of Dr.

Ambedkar Memorial in Mumbai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that this year onwards, November 26 would be observed as Constitution Day and he added saying that on that day, school children would be taught about the Constitution and Dr.

It is a good move but mere observance of the day will not suffice. What is important is incorporating Constitution education in the school curriculum. Rather, it implies exposing them to the Constitution, teaching them its salient features, enlightening informed citizenry essay help about their fundamental rights, enabling them to critically evaluate the relevance of various Articles, shaping their mind to develop a positive attitude towards it and helping them appreciate the wisdom found in it.

Why is Constitution education important? In every country across the globe, people are expected to revere their Constitution and feel that it is their duty to know what is in it. It is a vital document that is the basis of all laws enacted by any government in power. It is based on noble principles.

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As it protects the rights of all the citizens and serves as the framework for good governance, it functions as a social contract between the government and the people governed. In these difficult times, it is important to have knowledge and a better understanding of the Constitution.

If basic concepts such as secularism, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity and fundamental rights the right to equality, the right to freedom, the right against exploitation, the right to freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights, and the right to Constitutional remedies had been discussed in the classroom in a meaningful way, our society would have been different in a positive way.

It is the responsibility of the teaching community to educate students about the Constitution and make them informed citizens. Constitution Day is a one-day affair with some activities but Constitution education is a process leading to right thinking and noble behaviour. Mere Constitutional knowledge, disseminated through certain activities such as reading out the Preamble, conducting quiz or essay competitions in schools, will not help students become patriotic citizens who accept their fellow citizens as they are regardless of their caste, creed and social status and consider everyone equal.

It is their proper understanding of the Constitution, their right attitude towards it, their ability to interpret it to the current situation and their willingness to keep its spirit alive which will make them patriotic.

How can we lay the foundation for the first Constitution Day and make it a meaningful first step for a great journey? Here are some suggestions. Educational institutions can initiate purposeful discussions on the significance of incorporating Constitution education in the curriculum and teachers can come up with some innovative ideas which can be sent to the HRD ministry so that it can give shape to the body of ideas.

Teachers can be educated about the Constitution. Educationists, lawyers, human rights activists, writers and experts having through knowledge of the Constitution of India can be invited to talk about it and interact with the teachers.Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen Just as children must be taught to tie their shoes, read and write, solve math problems, and understand science concepts and events in history, so.

Good Citizenship: The Purpose of Education. Pictorial Review 31 (April ): 4, 94, But there still remains a vast amount to be done before we accomplish our first objective-informed and intelligent citizens, and, secondly, bring about the realization that we are all responsible for the trend of thought and the action of our times.

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A Well-Informed Citizenry, Being Necessary To The Liberty Of A Free State By Leah Anthony Libresco Arianna Huffington recently appeared at a Yale Political Union debate centered around whether. Graham: “be informed, be fair, be rational, be reasonable.” Participation costs and consumption costs must be taken into account.

Sections of the citizenry must not be left out because of these costs. Standardization is not necessarily equity. An array of services and delivery means is required.

informed citizenry essay help

POLITICS, ETHICS, AND THE. ADMINISTRATOR. Informed Citizenry Essay Help – A dissertation upon masonry – Essay WriterThe Moral Imagination of an Informed Citizenry, Proquest published the dissertation as a bound volume.

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Search. Create. According to this essay, which of the following is a likely result of corporate consolidation of the media?

A strong democracy requires an informed citizenry, and news media are a primary source of information for.

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