Mat1300 final

Examples of tensors and their components.

Mat1300 final

Over the next few days, more information will appear. But it is also a general reference site for anyone taking MAT On this site, you will find many old exams with solutions. Throughout the semester, there will be frequent updates. You should check this site regularly. Here is the textbook for all sections of MAT Here is the website for the textbook.

Here are solutions to selected problems from the textbook. As of Fallwe will no longer be using the textbook by Larson. But it is a useful reference. If you do have the Larson text book, you can find the topics and recommended exercises below.

Here is a diagnostic test. This test is for your own information and should be used to determine if you have sufficient algebraic background to take this course. It measures your proficiency in the algebra necessary to take the course.

Give yourself 30 minutes with no books or calculators allowed. If you get 8 or more right, you probably have sufficient algebra to follow the course. If you get right, you probably still have enough but may have some difficulties. If you get 4 or less right, you may have substantial difficulties in this course.

Mat1300 final

If you are unsure on where you stand, please feel free to come to talk to me. Here is an online tutorial for solving quadratic inequalities. There are lots of examples. Here is an online tutorial for factoring quadratic polynomials.

Here is an online tutorial for graphing quadratic polynomials. Here is an approximate course timetable for the semester. Here is a list of topics and some sample questions for Midterm 1.

Here is a list of topics for Midterm 2. Here is a list of topics we have covered since Midterm 2. Recall that the final exam is cumulative. If you combine this list with the two previous lists, you will have a comprehensive topics list for the final.

Here are solutions to Midterm 1, Sections A and B. Here are solutions to Midterm 1, Sections C and D. Here are solutions to Midterm 2, Sections A and B. Here are solutions to Midterm 2, Sections C and D.

Here are solutions to the Final Exam, all sections. Topics Schedule for Larson Book: Here is a topics and exercise list for the ninth edition of the Larson book.

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Notes On Elasticity Even though we are currently using the online book above, we are going to keep using Larson's book formula for elasticity of demand. To avoid confusion, Here are some notes on elasticity and some examples.

This is the formula we will use. It is consistent with all of the old exams below.The final mark received (satisfactory (S) or not satisfactory (NS)) for the course is considered official and will appear on the transcript.

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In both cases, it does not count in the average. I intend to take the course MAT and/or MAT More details will be given along the course. "Extra activities" in 2) means a brief composition about a topic related to the course. About the composition: It is a short essay of typed pages. Rapport final soumis aux gestionnaires de l'entreprise.

(Availability of this course is not guaranteed). Student works in a small business organization, investigating one or more areas of interest in his/her study management. Final Review: Trigonometry MATH (SCAA) November 28, @ pm - pm Out of Class Workshops.

Venue Library Upper Mall LI «APA Citations; Final Review: Calculus MATH Also the midterms/final are all multiple choice. For CRM it depends who your prof is, I didn't like mine. Look at your options and look them up on MAT (Topology I) - Fall ; Faculty: Vitali Kapovitch Office: HU Telephone Final Exam: Tue, Dec 15, in BA; Announcements.

Here are the notes for the lectures on December 3 and December 8 (Mayer-Vietoris sequence, Cohomology with compact support, Degree theory, Euler characteristic) Here are the notes.

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