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The city had a population ofinmaking it Albertas second-largest city, also inEdmonton had a metropolitan population of 1,, making it the sixth-largest census metropolitan area in Canada.

Mel hurtig

Early life[ edit ] Horst A.

Mel hurtig

Schmid was born in MunichGermany. He emigrated to Canada, moving up to YellowknifeNorthwest Territories to work as a miner in He moved to EdmontonAlberta in At that time, he also founded a Bavarian folk Mel hurtig Schuhplattler group, the Bavarian Schuhplattlers of Edmontonstill active today.

This program also informed the listeners about their new home in Canada. Political career[ edit ] Minister of Culture, Youth and Recreation —[ edit ] Schmid ran for a seat in the Alberta Legislature for the first time in the Alberta general election.

Two other candidates rounded out the field. Schmid was described by Dr. As Minister, Schmid initiated and guided the development of countless programs in his portfolio.

The Cultural Development Branch generously supported visual arts, performing arts, film and literary arts. InSchmid organized the Arts and You Festival, the first provincial Conference of the Arts in Red Deer attended by community members and artists [ ibid.

Minister of Government Services and Minister of Culture —[ edit ] Schmid would run for a second term in the Alberta general election. He and Raadstack would face each other for the second time.

With incumbent ministerial advantage Schmid saw a significant gain in his popular vote while the opposition candidates collapsed. He was returned to his second term easily. During this appointment, Schmid initiated the following: Schmid was part of the team that brought the Commonwealth Games to Edmonton.

The most important cultural assistance initiated at this time was the Alberta Matching Grants Program where private donations to arts organizations were matched by the provincial government up to twenty-five percent of their budget.

Minister of State for Economic Development and International Trade - [ edit ] His bid for a third term would see another significant popular vote increase. Schmid managed the second best popular vote of his career despite seeing some gains by the opposition candidates.

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He easily won his third term in office. Schmid spearheaded the promotion of exporting manufactured goods and services to other countries through numerous trade missions.

Schmid was also invited as guest speaker to many national and international conferences and meetings of the Oil and Gas Industry [2]. Schmid was responsible for the return of a medicine bundle that had been housed in the Provincial Museum back to the Blood Reserve for use in their sacred Sun Dance ceremony.

He won the highest popular vote of his career. He served that portfolio until November when Don Getty who became the new premier that year appointed him Minister of Tourism. Schmid led very successful International Trade Missions as Minister of International Trade resulting in large signed contracts for Alberta companies.

He was responsible for the promotion of tourism to Alberta, especially from Europe. He again took numerous Alberta companies especially from the Oil and Gas Equipment and Services sector internationally, often to many as 40 countries in a year.

These were highly successful trade missions. In cooperation with the airlines,international journalists were brought to Alberta to write about Alberta in their European publications. Schmid was able to convince travel companies especially to bring thousands of skiers to Alberta ski resorts. Schmid continued in this position for nine years [3].

Inhe was appointed one of the Centennial Ambassadors of the Province of Alberta.An elegy for Mel Hurtig, the Edmonton publisher, politician, and shameless self-promoter, who championed all things Canadian.

Aug 04,  · When author, publisher and activist Mel Hurtig died on Wednesday, Canada lost one of its most ardent champions and defenders. Renowned as the publisher of The Canadian Encyclopedia in , Mel devoted most of his life to battling foreign ownership, “free” trade, and the poverty and inequality spawned by neoliberal politics.

Mel Hurtig. likes. Mel Hurtig, was a Canadian publisher, author, political activist, and political candidate. He was president of the Edmonton Art.

Mel Hurtig (Author of The Arrogant Autocrat)

Rushing to Armageddon: The Shocking Truth about Canada, Missile Defence, and Star Wars [Mel Hurtig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Canadian nationalist Mel Hurtig exposes Paul Martin’s secret commitment to George W.

Bush’s weaponizing of space. Mel Hurtig has five best-sellers to his credit but this is easily 5/5(1). “Mel unquestionably has his finger directly on some very sore spots in the Canadian social fabric. Mel Hurtig is a doer.

To him we owe the creation of The Canadian Encyclopedia, Reviews: 7. VANCOUVER — Mel Hurtig, the ardent nationalist behind The Canadian Encyclopedia, died of pneumonia Wednesday in a Vancouver hospital.. He was

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