Obamas gun ban

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Obamas gun ban

Keep me posted, and say "hello" to Hamilton for me. Your review on the Remington RM was extremely accurate and conformed to my experience. Furthermore, in the past I had a question about a safety issue in relation to a firearm which you responded to immediately via email.

I rarely even consult other sites! It is a long time coming, and sales should go through the roof.

Obamas gun ban

As stated, disassembly of the older models is a pita, and unless you did it on a regular basis, is frustrating, curse inducing, and time consuming. At my place, I had to announce in advance the time of disassembly.

At that time, momma left to go shopping, the dog had to be let out, and the cats Obamas gun ban under the bed. This is no longer the case. Great article Obamas gun ban the approach Ruger should have taken years ago. Thanks, Paul October 5, hey Jeff.

I just want to thank you for all of gun reviews that you have done over the years. I love the easy takedown who doesn't? I never thought we'd see the day where Ruger would get rid of the loaded chamber indicator and key lock on their classic Mark series of pistols, but that day has arrived.

It looks like a classic Ruger again without those stupid features.

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You also suggested purchasing the Galco Avenger holster. I purchased both of them and couldn't be more happier. If you never used or tested it, upon what have you based your strong and negative opinion?

I'm really disappointed that you seem to have made a recommendation against steel cased ammo without having any first hand experience that you could use to justify your position. Well, I guess you can say whatever opinion you want without evidence because your website is your soapbox.

I bought a couple hundred rounds of Tula. And do you know what I think about that cheap steel cased ammo? I have read but not tested myself that the steel used in these cases is soft steel, and is only slightly harder than brass cases.


Will my Axis prove to be so wimpy as to be damaged by Tula or Wolf cheap stuff? My research on I-net and YouTube indicates no rifle damage, but perhaps a little less accuracy out there past yards.

But on the other hand, I can shoot 4 times with the cheap stuff for every 1 shot with the premium bullet. I think it'd be more fun to shoot the 4 cheap bullets. I won't bother to tell you if the Tula shoots far and accurate cause you wouldn't change your opinion anyway.

Obamas gun ban

Not through my guns, but through others, like test guns. I never stated that it would not fire nor that it was inaccurate. You made that up in your head.

The new gun law, Lewis County style It has been demonized as a monstrosity via the Sandy Hook shootings. And now that those measures have failed to accomplish total gun control, the Obama Administration, hungry to undermine the 2nd Amendment and restrict gun ownership, is using backdoor regulations through the BATFE to ban the sale, import and manufacture of the most affordable ammunition for the AR
Search with Duck Duck Go The NRA opposed the Brady bill and offered an alternative background check provision that gun-control advocates saw as an attempt to kill the bill.
Video - Latest News | Breitbart Posted on December 8, Q: Did Obama promise last year to ban all semi-automatic guns during his first year as president?

I do not use it in MY rifles because it leaves a lacquer residue in the chambers. I try to use premium ammo in my rifles. If it cost more than quality American-made ammo, you would not have bought the steel-cased stuff. However, last month, I decided to give Tula another chance, so I purchased rounds of Tula 30 Carbine ammo.

Brass-cased American and Philippine ammo fired percent in the same rifle.

Obama's Education Secretary: Pull Kids Out of School Until Gun Laws Change

Armscor costs more than Tula, but I ordered three cases of Armscor 30 Carbine ammo. The Tula 30 Carbine ammo is sub-standard. Jeff First I wanna tell you alittle bit about myself. My name is Phil Green, I'm 58 years old. I quit school my senior year, "10th grade" as a professional musician, playing guitar in a blues band.

After 15 years of that madness I came home opened up a music store, then another, and eventually i settled in just a guitar shop building and repairing guitars. I've been here for 26 years. I still repair and build guitars but now as i want to.Arne Duncan, who served as secretary of education under former President Barack Obama, on Friday proposed that parents pull their children out of school until elected officials enact tougher gun.

If nothing else can be said about President Obama, he has adamantly stuck to one key promise – the one he made to the Brady Center to pursue gun control ‘under the radar..

The AR is America’s most popular sporting rifle, and it has been falsely mischaracterized as an . Congress blocked Obama's call for new gun laws after mass shootings renewing that ban rates as a Promise Broken. "The gun control-gun rights debate is already so heated and often is deadlocked.

Aug 29,  · The release of the new Democratic National Platform’s discussion of “what [gun control] works in Chicago” implies Mr. Obama still supports Chicago’s gun ban. The platform also wants to. There are some truths that I strive to preach, for lack of a better word, in today's information-culture wars propagated in our corrupt mainstream media.

In a Fox News interview the day after Obama’s speech, Republican front-runner Donald Trump criticized Obama’s plan and mischaracterized Hillary Clinton’s position on gun .

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