The patriot saint swami vivekananda

He was the chief disciple of 19th century Indian Mystic Ramakrishna. He was one of the key person that introduced Indian philosophies like Vedanta and yoga to the western world.

The patriot saint swami vivekananda

The patriot saint swami vivekananda

Sonar Swarnakar Whilst many goldsmiths are descendants of Brahmin ancestry, people of the Kshatriya caste have also adopted the works of Vishwabrahmins, in particular, Goldsmith and Jewellery work. Consequently, Vishwabrahmins have surnames that are similar to those of the Brahmin or Kshatriya caste.

They are Manu blacksmithMaya carpenterThwastha metal craftsmanSilpi stone-carver Vishvajnya goldsmith. The community is spread widely throughout India and played a vital role in the village economy. Their socio-economic status varied from a very high level to the low level in different parts of India as they earned high wages in towns because of their factory employment and low in villages.

About Vishwabrahmins Anand K. The Kammalar claim to have been the spiritual guides and priests and their position in the society survives in the saying The Kammalar is guru to the world.

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They also perform priestly rites in connection with consecration of images. They both claim and possess various special privileges, which they always upheld with much vigour, in some cases they claim a rank equal to that of Brahmans.

In finest period of Indian art particularly between eighth and ninth century, they claimed The patriot saint swami vivekananda enjoyed a social status in the community, equal to Brahmans. In ancient India Vishwabrahmins had great importance.

Only Vishwabrahmins could hold the degree Jagatgur i. Lohars established the Lohara dynasty.

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Further information regarding this dynasty can be found at the following web site: During Peshwa rule they suffered a lot. Since Peshwa were Brahmins. Peshwa even did not allowed Panchal to tide the dhoti or waist cloth up between legs and in at the waist a mark of Brahminic rank.

They were at odds with Vishwakarma Brahmins who identified themselves as the original Brahmins and builder of the Aryan Vedic civilization. They consider themselves equals if not superior to local Brahmans.

Their family priest who are member of their own community are held in high respect. A feast called the Brahmans feast or Brahma Bhojan is held when Kin folic and caste follows are asked to dine.

It was a controversy between the panchangam gundaiah brahmin and the Margasahaya Achari viswa brahmin. The brahmin community harrassed our community by claiming superiority. S Achary put a case on the Brahmin community in the Adalath court Chittoor. The judge was Mr.

Gundappa attempted to show evidence from puranas, which was written by VYASA who was a not a brahmin he is the son of a fisherman. Achary provided logical arguments and bulletproof answers to the questions asked by the brahmins.

Finally brahmins were forced to shut their mouths since the Judge agreed with the answers given by Mr. A total of 65 questions were asked by the brahmins and every single of them was answered by Mr. Achary with factual evidence from the Vedas. Gotras Vishwabrahmins are divided into five gotras or exogamous clans, each corresponding to a Rishi named in the Yajur Veda 4.

Prathnasa Rishi and 5. Each of the five gotras are also identified with a traditional occupation: Manu blacksmith2. Maya carpenter3.

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Thwastha metalcraftsman4. Silpi stone-carver and 5. The five gotras are further divided into a total of 25 sub-clans upa-gotras. Because of their fivefold division, they are also known as Panchals.

They are said to follow five Vedas instead of the standard fourthe fifth being the "Pranava Veda", The Pranava Veda is a text that elucidates the process of energy Brahmam turning itself into matter the material world. In this text, pure energy or consciousness goes through a process that can be observed as a mathematical order.

That process can be emulated by humans through applying that mathematical order to dance, music, poetry, architecture and sculpture thus creating arts that vibrate in a way that causes the viewer, listener, inhabitant to vibrate with the Divine qualities that the art form does.

This Pranava Veda was cognized by Brahmarishi Mayan about 10, years ago. One known copy exists today and it is in the hands of Dr. Many people believe that Pranava refers to the sound AUM.Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda (London, ) | He is regarded as the patriot saint of modern India.

He was the greatest gift of God to the Indian society.

The patriot saint swami vivekananda

His inspiring personality was well known both in India and America during nineteenth century. He was the India’s spiritual ambassador in America to create a bond between East and.

sri ramakrishna the saint pdframakrishna mission - wikipediagirish chandra ghosh - wikipediaall about hinduism - divine life societyswami vivekananda - a biography by swami nikhilananda. Feb 10,  · Swami Vivekananda ~ one of most admired spiritual genius of India is regarded by Indians as the patriot saint of modern India, a Vedantic Guru with global impact, a nation builder, a source of wisdom, dynamism and spiritual power.

"Swami Vivekananda" Our purpose is to spread the thoughts of this Great Saint of India! Swami Vivekananda Proclaims "India is a land of religion and philosophy -- the birthplace of spiritual giants -- the land of renunciation, where and where alone, from the most ancient to the most modern times, there has been the highest ideal of life open.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (or Lokmanya Tilak, pronunciation (help · info); 23 July – 1 August ), born as Keshav Gangadhar Tilak, was an Indian nationalist, teacher, lawyer and an independence activist.


He was the first leader of the Indian Independence British colonial authorities called him "The father of the Indian unrest." He was also conferred with the title of "Lokmanya. Vedanta: Voice Of Freedom Epub Books by Swami Vivekananda Vivekananda once said.

sri ramakrishna the saint of dakshineswar