Uk you and the flu essay

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Uk you and the flu essay

View Full Essay Words: Forms of preventative treatments, for example, will not require copayments. Doing so will allow more people who are not financially able to afford health care visits to access nurses and doctors at those facilities and get the treatments they require.

One of the most egregious health care epidemics to sweep through the modern world in the past couple of…… [Read More] Another key facet of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is that it has enacted legislature that makes it easier for people with previously existent health care conditions to both get health coverage as well as to get the treatments they need.

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Again, the result of this aspect of the health care reform measure is that it should make it possible to increase the general wellness of the American people. One of the most egregious health care epidemics to sweep through the modern world in the past couple of years is the infamous H1N1 swine flu.

Uk you and the flu essay

It took up a place of prominence in the health care industry inwhen it was initially discovered as a new, more malignant strain of influenza. Research linked this particular form of influenza to the type of this virus that is related to pigs -- some of the earliest reports of swine flu came from people who were either near pigs or had direct exposure to pigs.

Still, it was quickly ascertained that the most popular way that this condition spread was actually from inter-human contact. There are a number of measures that are used to cope with swine flu and to ideally prevent its occurrence.

Early on in the development of the epidemic outbreak of this environment that was most prevalent in andit was determined that antiviral drugs such as zanamivir and oseltamivir were important deterrents in counteracting the effects of this virus.

Researchers were even able to come up with a vaccine midway through that could be used for patients who reached life threatening levels of complications due to swine flu. Other measures that should be taken in order to control the spread of this virus are more preventative in nature.Related Tags: An Essay on Swine Flu (H1N1) could be translated in Hindi, English (US, UK), Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, and other regional languages of India.

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This contagious virus is a very dangerous respiratory infection and which often ended in Pneumonia (Turkington, C; Ashby, B). The effects of the virus that caused the influenza pandemic of resulted in mortalities and then preventive measures, which had a tremendous impact on history, mainly on World War I.

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Although Influenza is not as severe as many viral infections it is almost the worst for viral infections of the respiratory tract. Influenza A is a highly contagious virus, which can cause dramatic illness, periodic pandemics and outbreaks globally every year.

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Uk you and the flu essay

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