Why guns should be banned in

Comments Read by 10, people After responding to a burglary call at a Rockford, Illinois home, police failed to apprehend the thief but found something that is perhaps much more interesting. WTVO reports that upon entering the home of an unnamed 67 year old resident they were surprised to find a weapons cache of over weapons ranging from shotguns to rifles.

Why guns should be banned in

There also is a temporary discount code only on this page to use at checkout. It is entirely legal to buy and have - and legal to sell just as we have since Residually, this has created much-needed obstacles unscrupulous sellers. The new rules also have the residual effect of blocking black-market sellers not approved by the government from having quantities prohibited or restricted imported chemicals typically from China that are often fake, contaminated, falsely declared as to contents or otherwise dangerous.

This is long overdue as this was a terrible problem and extreme danger to online shoppers. While some home-based sellers online are legitimate, many that sell homemade or bottled health related products online are not.

Their goal is getting as much money any way they can get it, as fast as they can, from as many people as they can fool and for as little cost as possible.

They will say anything, promise anything, and not hesitate to tell any lie, false claim or false labeling to get your money - and will spend as little as they possibly can on the product - the contents of which not may have any of what you ordered and how it is labeled and may be very harmful.

The seller may not even know it is harmful. Such unscrupulous sellers use free online professional website templates to make themselves look like real companies online, make up good sounding company names, and print off impressive looking labels on their home computer they print.

Anyone can buy cases of empty bottles and caps. This is all too common now for health related products sold online because it is so easy to do.

Most are falsely labeled and do not contain what is claimed.

Why guns should be banned in

There are no safeguards of product safety, sanitation or label truthfulness. This is a real and serious problem. Most forms of hydrogen peroxide and other peroxide are manufactured for heavy industry and industrial usage.

How Many Guns Are Too Many?

Unfortunately, the extremely harmful heavy metals, stabilizers and other impurities in industrial peroxides are tasteless and odorless. Some peroxides also have massive levels of free-radicals. If a seller is buying cheap industrial peroxide or emptying discount store hydrogen peroxide or whatever else they can get cheap or otherwise into bottles falsely label as "Food Grade," they know you can not tell the different.

Many of those stabilizers, heavy metals and other impurities become trapped in human body's fatty tissue and across time can cause horrific and ultimately fatal health damage. The damage free-radicals causes to a person's health also is well documented. Years from now, the person would have no clue why their body is so rapidly deteriorating and their health collapsing.

But what does an unscrupulous seller care about that? The seller got people's money years time ago - and maybe even a positive review from the customer who does not knowing how horrifically they have essentially been permanently poisoned.

They may never even know what caused their health to collapse. Those dangers apply to many fake health products sold online by amoral people of no ethics or empathy for others.

It has been all too common for food grade hydrogen peroxide. This still leaves the question of why dilute it at all?

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That just raises the size or number of the bottles that together cost more plus higher packaging and shipping costs? They will not and can not do micro runs of production for small volume merchants. A major chemical refinery is not going to do a micro production of hydrogen peroxide for someone selling bottles out of an apartment or small business front, anymore than Exxon, Mobil or Shell oil companies would manufacture someone a drum of a custom blend of gasoline.

These refineries do production runs measured in tens to hundreds of thousands of gallons nor have the ability to do tiny production runs. The manufacturer could not even certify odd concentration levels because the manufacturer does not set the standards for food grade. All the excuses, stories, promises of health cures, attacks against government agencies, and other false claims are to try to keep anyone from realizing the obvious.

All that does is make it more costly for actual hydrogen peroxide content. Rather, this was their corporate decision.Authored by Matt Agorist via The Free Thought Project. As the debate continues about whether or not 3D-printed firearm plans should be banned, even the ostensible pro-2nd Amendment folks are worried that shooting rampages will occur as a result of these plans being published attheheels.com the reality is .

In the wake of another mass shooting, this time taking the lives of 17 students and teachers, we are seeing renewed calls for the banning of the AR Apr 30,  · "Fake News: AP, WaPo Claim NRA Bans Guns at Mike Pence Speech" "The problem with the WaPo’s provocative title is that the NRA did not ban concealed carry on May 4.

Down Under, gun murders rose by 19% and armed robberies by 69% after a gun ban was introduced in And thus the story goes. Prohibition; in whatever form, does not work. The love of guns in the United States has been well documented, as have multiple mass shootings across the country such as those in Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown, and Virginia.

by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and Author Alan Korwin, attheheels.com This white paper is also available as a PDF file (Three column PDF version also available - ideal for printing.). It’s no secret that one of the largest blocs of people pressing for so-called “gun control” is the culturally (aka not-so-religious) American Jewish.

Warning: Why you should never buy less than 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Important Info.