With independence comes increased responsibility

This has limitations, of course: The stock market is a volatile and uncooperative beast, so our assumption of constant growth never materializes. How do real world investment returns impact our wealth accumulation?

With independence comes increased responsibility

I was born in the yearin a gigantic human complex on the East European Continent controlled by the New Earth Republic.

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These complexes are thousands of feet tall and come equipped with all the necessities to sustain live and to allow it to flourish.

It comes equipped with everything society could ever possibly need and is essentially man-made paradise. These complexes had withstood the test of time, and had been standing for over 50 years now, in the year This all changed one day when the South African Alliance attacked.

In mere minutes our complexes were reduced to burning rubble. I was lucky enough to have escaped with my younger brother and my mother, however my father and sister didn't make it.

In only a few days all that remained of the New Earth Republic had been wiped out, excluding a few thousand survivors.

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We were not worth the time to hunt down and to kill, unless we got in the way. I now was hiding in the forest with my younger brother, age twelve to be exact, and my mother who is age fifty-five.

With independence comes increased responsibility

My mother and my younger brother could not fend for themselves, and I was left alone, independant, and depended upon to provide for my family.

The responsibility that was thrust upon me by this attack was immense, it felt like the weight of one of those complexes was bearing down on my shoulders. In the complexes, everything was done for you.

If you needed food you simply input what you wanted in to the computer and it would create it for you. If you needed medical attention you just needed to ask the computer for a doctor and one would be onsite in thirty seconds or less. As I was about to find out, this cruel new world was full of responsibility because of this new independence.

I no longer had the computer and medical staff to rely on, nor teachers to educate my younger brother. Ten years have passed and I am all alone.

My mother was taken by some illness, undoubtedly a biological weapon used by the South African Alliance to neutralize the ability for women to reproduce and our numbers to increase. My younger brother was a bother for the three years he was alive.

I now had no counselling from my mother and needed to teach my younger brother not only to be civilized but also to survive. This supplementary independence I had now just added to the multitude of responsibilities I had.

Unfortunately, he was captured while we were escaping a South African Alliance patrol squad, and was promptly sent off to a forced labour camp to build weapons that would help crush the other two remaining enemy factions, The Great North American Coalition and The People's Republic of North Korea.

As I am now all alone, I am fully independent and my responsibilities include finding food, water, shelter, supplies and figure out what I am going to do about my current predicament.1 Childhood is a time of increasing independence. As children grow and develop they become more able to do things for themselves, to express themselves and to explore their world independently.

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Mar 30,  · With independence comes increased responsibility essays >>> CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE Essay on music makes my day One diet consisted of eating boiled eggs, celery and chicken broth far from healthy or balanced after periods of deprivation, i would find myself binging on.

With Independence Comes Great Responsibility Alex Saint J.E Wolfson Humanities C02 February 13, With great power comes great Responsibility A hero is usually recognized as someone with great courage Batman and Hulk choose to risk and sacrifice their lives for the greater good of humankind.

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1 through gious component to the conflict in the Middle East, the conflict was primarily between Israel and the Arab states for at least thirty years, hence the subtitle of this book.

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