With or without it technologies

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With or without it technologies

By John Rakestraw The first time I entered a university classroom as an instructor, I carried a wealth of classroom experience with me. I had spent many years as a student, and during that time I had observed many different teachers do many different things to enable and sometimes stand in the way of the learning of their students.

To pick one simple example, when I approached a chalkboard to illustrate a point on my first day of class as an instructor I had behind me years of many teachers using the chalkboard in a variety of ways.

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Some of them brought their students to the board regularly. Others reserved it as a surface on which they would write the main points of a lecture. Still others used it to collect and then organize student comments during a class discussion.

I picked up on the medium of instruction even while I was focusing on the content of instruction. The chalkboard example can carry another point. I did not see any of my instructors turn on a personal computer to show students a web site that might provide useful information. Nor did I see an instructor use PowerPoint slides to enhance a lecture presentation.

Nor did I see an instructor set up an electronic bulletin board discussion area. In short, when I began as an instructor to use these new technologies in teaching, I was working largely in the absence of models.

It was natural, therefore, not only to model my uses of new technologies on uses of old technologies, but also to seek some models from uses outside the academy. The first on line discussion forum I hosted for a class was a rather clumsy attempt to recreate on line the same sort of free-flowing discussions I had facilitated to good effect in face-to-face encounters in the classroom.

With or without it technologies

Such factors might include the recording and structuring of student comments on a chalkboard. It might also include something so subtle as an encouraging glance at a student on the verge of jumping into the discussion.

My not thinking carefully about what underlies a good classroom discussion was especially problematic in light of the fact that many of these new technologies are used rather uncritically in other areas.

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Thus, for example, the online discussion forums that many professors are using in the classroom are also used outside the academy by students and others in decidedly non-rigorous ways.

All of this leads me to one of the more interesting characteristics of current discussions about using new technologies effectively in education. As we think and talk about how to use these new technologies in teaching, we often move rather quickly into thinking and talking about how to teach.

These reflections and discussions, it seems to me, are important whether we decide to use a particular technology or not. Where will these new technologies — and others yet to be developed — take us in teaching and learning?

How will learning encounters of the future be different from those in classrooms today? I will suggest, however, some caution in assessing the full effectiveness of these new technologies and their impact on teaching on the basis merely of the way we are using them today.

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Far better, I think, to continue the exploration and use of these new technologies, being careful to consider how and to what extent they facilitate good teaching and learning.Sep 21,  · With Miami still on attheheels.com Inc.’s short list for a new headquarters, entrepreneurs gathered at the Endeavor Miami ScaleUP Summit Friday to assess the city’s prospects as a technology .

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On the one hand, technology enriches our lives but on the other hand, in pursuit of ease, we have become over-reliant on technology so much so that we cannot even imagine living without it.

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